eatingoffthefloor_xiaobin2My mother gave me a lot of food to eat. Whenever I was hungry, she asked me “what you want?” she never allowed me to say “I am hungry.” Before say that she fed us food.  She never allowed us to feel hungry.

But, the world..It’s not bright as we think. This boy is from Nepal. He is a street child. He got some food from someone, even though he doesn’t have a place to eat it. Therefore he sat beside the road to eat it. Dirty air has surrounded him; it mixes with his food also. But, what can he do? Because he doesn’t have a place to go, sit and eat. This is the only place which he can use.

Being a child on the street has taken away from him, even the place to keep his food and eat also. Can you see the question which is coming out from his mouth? “When can I eat my food in a house?”