These are children who are ready to take the responsibility to be in charge of the nation. But, will they do it well? Without education, without knowledge to serve, will they do their duty well?

This picture is in Bangladesh, which is in South Asia. Instead of going to school and get education, this girl is looking after her little brother while begging along road. May be their parents also begging, so they can’t take little child with them. So, this elder child in family is taking care of that little child. This is their days. They are passing their hours like this. Even hundreds of stars light in dark sky for them, at least one star doesn’t look at them. How many societies are their which works for their betterment? But, still tears are in their eyes. When their tears will run away from their little eyes?

Still there is a hope with a great wish. Here I am looking for tomorrow, to see smile in their face.