All over the world a big amount of money is spending for the benefit of children. Though everyone is thinking about them, still poverty is there which causes to increase the amount of street children. Even it is a developed country, street children is a common scene.

Age is not a matter, if the child can stand from his legs he can be a street child who beg in front of dollars. Sometimes people don’t care even he is a child. Poverty has pushed him to a deep hollow.  He is suffering in this hollow with lots of tears.  As a child he should get a good education to live as a citizen in society. But, what is happening right now is the children who are on the street are don’t have and no one care about them to give their rights. They spent their every second to beg for their livelihood or the family to earn.

As a still developing country in Bangladesh one million people are living on the street in the capital city, Dhaka while nine million people are living there.  The children who live on the street are enjoying their lives in different ways on tar roads without any top. As we see from the top of the problem, the situation is not matching with it. We think that their main problem is they don’t have food, water. But, they are saying that their problem is torching by others in society.  Even they don’t have money they are saying that they can live with a small amount of food. But, treating them as animals is hard to tolerate in the society.

Their words are hitting me to my heart to think about them more and do something for them. Can I do something for their benefit?