In our view, we think that, their mind is asking comfortable lives. We think that they like to study, to go to school and enjoy their lives. Have you ever think or ask about this?

If you ask them, what do you think their answer will be? Will they be like to study? Will they be like to go to school?

I asked them, when I was doing my project on Educational System in Bangladesh from Chittagong children. They said that, they don’t like to go to schools. This life is comfortable for them. We were surprised. We thought that seeing the children who are going schools is hurting them, but the reality is totally different. The concept “poverty” has owned their mind totally. It says that they don’t want to study. They said that being a street child and spending life as a beggar is a comfortable life to them.   Getting education and living as a happy child is nothing for them.

This is because of the concept, “POVERTY”.