As I have mentioned before, street children don’t have the same picture which is in our mind about them. It is totally different than seems and thoughts of us. Here, I have found a story from Dhaka which is the capital city of Bangladesh.   

”There are two boys who wake up before the sun raises, about 4 am. They live near the port on the Buriganga River in Dhaka. Even the capital city is busy and full of people; they don’t have time to care about these poor little children.  They live on small wooden planks who are 10 years and 14 years kids.  Their job is collecting empty bottles and fills them with fresh water. At last they sell them and earn some money. Then, they beg on the road whole the day time. Some days, they don’t get anything to eat for the whole day”.

This is how, they are passing their days. There are about 250,000 to 400,000 street children in Dhaka. Even everyone is talking about a rapid urbanization all over the Bangladesh today, it doesn’t mean that there’s no any space which we should specially focus on, but when we hear about these things can we backward to society?