The reality of street children’s lives has decided their future.

This is a newscast from Afghanistan.

From a torn blanket near a crowded Kabul market, a young child sells jewels for a meager amount one of many children on the streets of the Afghan capital trying to eke out a living.
In another district of Kabul, 6-year-old Sami spends his days collecting slivers of wood from rubbish heaps to burn for heat. Like many of Afghanistan’s street children, Sami is not an orphan. But his father is unable to work. So instead of going to school to learn how to read and write, Sami helps support his family.
“I’m collecting these small chips of wood so that we can burn them,” Sami tells RFE/RL. “[My parents] send me out to do this. My father says that when I’m finished collecting these things — when I grow bigger — then I should go to school.”

What do you think? Will he go to school someday? Will it be a dream for them forever?