Today my post is going to talk about a different report which I found from New Age newspaper. As it says there is a kind of happy incident that, they have a chance to raise their voice to the society. I think if this is true and if this condition continue foe a long time, it will be like the sunlight to the street children. 


It has recognized four lakh street children from the capital city who have been earning money in a miserable way.  Moreover, they have seen that if the children did not get any attention of a development, they will suffer their lives.

Population service training centre and plan in Bangladesh were organized a function for the Independence Day. It says that the purpose of organizing the function is bringing the needs of street children to the society to get the supports like education, health and homes from it.  There was a prize giving also for the street children. It focused to take out the children’s real situation as a child from the frame of street child. The people who were kind of responsible in the country said that though, street children are lagging far behind the process of development, they should have all the supports as a child from society. Some street children have recited poems, staged dramas and rendered poems at the function. 

All these things show that even street children can do many things more than we think that they can do. There are many talents which are hidden inside of them. It’s glad to hear like this voice which shows a kind of persuasion as a responsible field to a needy section in society.

But, I would not trust the society at once that the society is more sensible. Still there’s my opened eyes’ looking at the society until they get their right position.