Why? Thursday, Apr 16 2009 

Today I am writing about a boy who was in a news article from Vietnam.

His name is Sanaa. He is 14 years old. He is selling cigarettes and sweets in the city. He is telling that his father went to Saudi Arabia to find a job, but he didn’t come back. He has three brothers and one sister, and his mother has told him to find a job. He is saying that he earns about 400-800 yemeni riyals (about US$2-4)

Look, this is another part of our world. This is a true story in our society. His father has gone and his mother is telling him to do a job to sustain. As a girl, and human being I don’t accept to this situation. How can the children are responsible to mother’s mistakes. If they can’t fulfill the children’s needs, why they have delivered them? As I found so far, we can see the children’s are suffering because the parents illiterateness. They don’t understand and think the level which they can control. At last they have a lot of children and they can’t fulfill the children’s needs. So, at last the children have to suffer.

At last, this miserable life to children is unbelievable today all over the world. Even the mothers are illiterate, what the children can do for that?

This is offensive!

References: http://streetkidnews.blogsome.com/ 


An Interview… Tuesday, Apr 14 2009 

One day I was thinking about my blog and hw can I give a solution to this vast problem in front of me. Suddenly, one of my room mates came to me and told me to wake her up early, because she has to go to a school.
I was surprised, “oh, school? For what Nishu?” I asked.
“To teach, teach to some street children.” She answered with a smiling face.
“Street children? Where?”I asked with a surprised, because I didn’t believe that there is a school for street children.
That time I was thinking about street children’s education. I thought that if anyhow we can teach the children, then they will think to come from the frame of street child. I saw only this topic as a solution. I asked her about the children. I’ll summarize some of the information which she gave me that day.
“The students are like to study and they are doing well. They have knowledge as well as others. The only thing is there’s no one to take them out from their situation. They need help from someone. They are poor, and their parents don’t have any idea about education. This is the reason to continue their generations as same. Many people are talking about them and sometimes they tell the situation more badly than they have. This kind of things causes to fall their mental conditions totally. So, what we have to do and what they expect from us is look at them with open eyes and care about them with a sensitive heart. ….”
These are some information which I got from my friend. I have got much information from her about their education and how much they like to study. While I was searching a possible solution for them I have got a small sign of a good solution. I wish this will spread its branches all over the Asia and supply the shade of it to suffering children which is the future of the Asia.

Life is miserable… Friday, Apr 10 2009 

street child

Black is nice- when it is dark

White is clear – when it is light

Life is wonderful – when it is full of happiness

Life is miserable – when it is full of sorrows


Invisible links – of a miserable life

Have connected – a life and a soul

Misery of a strong courage

Is pushing a human life to the society


It is true that world is unfair

It is true that we have nothing

It is true that we are humans

It is true that we have the ability


Being a human – even a child

Everything has gone – when there’s poverty

This is the reality of life- hard to solve

References: http://mangalorean.com/images/news/temp5/20061127child2.jpg

A tender experience… Monday, Apr 6 2009 



One day I went outside in the morning about 6.30 am. I felt sorry for the little kids who were sleeping under a tree. They were sleeping in their mother’s lap with the love of her. There were two little kids who were around two-three years old.

They woke up by the notice which came from us. Oh! He was laughing at us. My teacher said,” oh! He is cute.”

“Yap, really he is!” I said.

But, the cute little child was sleeping under a tree. Why they are spending a life like this?

It remembered me my childhood. I felt angry about myself. How comfortable was my childhood? These children are suffering their lives with lots of struggles and difficulties. I didn’t have these difficulties when was in this age.

He stood up and looked at us. He was happy to see us. He followed us and then the mothers woke up and hold the child. The child pointed us which symbols that he wants to follow us. The mother came few steps and stopped. The child was waving his hand at us. We also waved wt the little child.

This incident was printed in my mind few days before. They are living in front of our building. My thoughts stared to fight each other asking that, do I have to anything to do for them which Is possible to do for them.

Referemces: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3056/3007136077_e398c4ae08_m.jpg

A content accent … Friday, Apr 3 2009 

Millions of Asian children are on the streets; do not have a family, compulsory to live on the streets. Some people supplies food, clothes, medication and educational materials to drop-in shelters and participate in programs which present services to penniless children. Grassroots Asia is an organization which works for the betterment of street children in this area.

It works with organizations in Asia to develop creative solutions toward combating the trafficking of children for prostitution. Grassroots Asia funds programs which efficiently address prevention in high-risk areas and those which provide treatment services to precious children.

As I have talked before, there are some people who pay attention to these innocent little children. If they can help the children to come over the problems which they have, it will be a forwarded step for their future.

References: http://www.grassrootsasia.org/project_photos/1_2.jpg