One day I went outside in the morning about 6.30 am. I felt sorry for the little kids who were sleeping under a tree. They were sleeping in their mother’s lap with the love of her. There were two little kids who were around two-three years old.

They woke up by the notice which came from us. Oh! He was laughing at us. My teacher said,” oh! He is cute.”

“Yap, really he is!” I said.

But, the cute little child was sleeping under a tree. Why they are spending a life like this?

It remembered me my childhood. I felt angry about myself. How comfortable was my childhood? These children are suffering their lives with lots of struggles and difficulties. I didn’t have these difficulties when was in this age.

He stood up and looked at us. He was happy to see us. He followed us and then the mothers woke up and hold the child. The child pointed us which symbols that he wants to follow us. The mother came few steps and stopped. The child was waving his hand at us. We also waved wt the little child.

This incident was printed in my mind few days before. They are living in front of our building. My thoughts stared to fight each other asking that, do I have to anything to do for them which Is possible to do for them.