One day I was thinking about my blog and hw can I give a solution to this vast problem in front of me. Suddenly, one of my room mates came to me and told me to wake her up early, because she has to go to a school.
I was surprised, “oh, school? For what Nishu?” I asked.
“To teach, teach to some street children.” She answered with a smiling face.
“Street children? Where?”I asked with a surprised, because I didn’t believe that there is a school for street children.
That time I was thinking about street children’s education. I thought that if anyhow we can teach the children, then they will think to come from the frame of street child. I saw only this topic as a solution. I asked her about the children. I’ll summarize some of the information which she gave me that day.
“The students are like to study and they are doing well. They have knowledge as well as others. The only thing is there’s no one to take them out from their situation. They need help from someone. They are poor, and their parents don’t have any idea about education. This is the reason to continue their generations as same. Many people are talking about them and sometimes they tell the situation more badly than they have. This kind of things causes to fall their mental conditions totally. So, what we have to do and what they expect from us is look at them with open eyes and care about them with a sensitive heart. ….”
These are some information which I got from my friend. I have got much information from her about their education and how much they like to study. While I was searching a possible solution for them I have got a small sign of a good solution. I wish this will spread its branches all over the Asia and supply the shade of it to suffering children which is the future of the Asia.