Here I opened my window for you all…………………………….

A big welcome to all who visit my blog…..

The topic “Street Children in South Asia” will shove you to see your life in a mirror. Through this blog you will realize the world which surrounds you.  As we all know, child is a gift to the world.  Don’t just read and leave this blog. Visit, read, and try to observe the world from your third eye.  But, I don’t want to persuade you to believe everything I say. I wish we could see the hidden mirror of the world and bring our best into the world. I am glad, if you all see the reality and share what you have seen in the world with me.

This blog is focusing on the street children in South Asia. It talks about the sorrows of children’s lives are suffering being a street children. This will plead with your mind to talk to the children who are suffering on the street.  This blog will show how the dark sight in our lives is; even we don’t look at them. If it pushes your minds to think about them for a minute, then my goal will be accurate. 

 From today onwards my blog is open for any comments, complaints and suggestions. Let’s hold our hands together to make a better world to future generation.