Today I am writing about a boy who was in a news article from Vietnam.

His name is Sanaa. He is 14 years old. He is selling cigarettes and sweets in the city. He is telling that his father went to Saudi Arabia to find a job, but he didn’t come back. He has three brothers and one sister, and his mother has told him to find a job. He is saying that he earns about 400-800 yemeni riyals (about US$2-4)

Look, this is another part of our world. This is a true story in our society. His father has gone and his mother is telling him to do a job to sustain. As a girl, and human being I don’t accept to this situation. How can the children are responsible to mother’s mistakes. If they can’t fulfill the children’s needs, why they have delivered them? As I found so far, we can see the children’s are suffering because the parents illiterateness. They don’t understand and think the level which they can control. At last they have a lot of children and they can’t fulfill the children’s needs. So, at last the children have to suffer.

At last, this miserable life to children is unbelievable today all over the world. Even the mothers are illiterate, what the children can do for that?

This is offensive!