Who have thought about this age child will be on the road like this? Have you ever thought about this?

When I saw this picture I remembered about my childhood. My mother never allowed me to play with sand like this. Whenever she saw, I was playing with my brother she scolded us. Because she told us “we will be sick because sand is dirty.” Thereafter I was little bit afraid to play with sand.

But, here they are children too. They are playing on the sand. What about them? Can’t they get sick? They are playing, enjoying their lives. No one there to tell that they will be sick, so “don’t play on the sand like this.”

This is the thing which we don’t see, even we saw, we never believe. However, this is because of poverty. Poverty has dragged them into a deep hole to send too far from comfortable life.

Even though, these children are trying to laugh at society, because child, they don’t have a sense about the world.