Prayers for God… Tuesday, Mar 10 2009 




This is a children in Sri lanka who is live on the road. She is passing her all the days on the road, she is looking at blue sky, wheather it will give an answer to their lives. Stones which are under her legs are not hurting to her heart, but the words which are coming from society are huting them more than anything. Being on the street has labled them as “Street Chidren”.  This concept doesn’t allow them to come over this lable to a happy world. She doen’t have anything to do, instead of praying to god, to give a bliss to her soul.

In Sri Lanka even this is not a common scene, even it is less, they suffer their lives a lot. Thus, as a still develping country if Sri Lanka can reject this small issue, it will make a big development in our small nation. The government should work through these small issues to fing a big strength which can use for the development of the nation. It will provide a big amount of knowledge and  labour.

Therefore, can’t this little child to serve to the development of nation? Really, It will take a big step of countrie’s development.  



Smiling at Rising Sun…. Tuesday, Feb 17 2009 

12Two little girls are looking at you with a hope of future. It is their wish, even we don’t mind. May be they are expecting a help from someone at least who can give something to eat.

Empty land has surrounded them with endless sorrows. There are thousands of hopes have covered by the wall, “being a street child.” Being a street child? What does it means? Have to live without any happiness, any food….

Can’t he live like a child who is in comfortable family? This is the true world which we can’t see. Poverty has covered all the rights of street children. At least society doesn’t think that this is a child.Hearing it is too hard, even seeing it also. Even though, if this is true, what we have to do? Just wait one minute and think…..

Is there anything to do for them? The answer is YES..

Now, next question, what we have to do?

I would like to give this question to you all, just wait and think about them for a moment.